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Since its formation, the UNN-USA has embarked on various projects. The flagship of these projects is the scholarship scheme. Our scholarships are merit based with extenuating circumstances considered when necessary. Currently, there are twelve (12) UNN students under the UNN-USA scholarship. These students we delightfully call UNN-USA scholars. 

Michael Okoroafor, the founding president of UNN-USA and his wife Ngozi, used their position as Snr. Vice President at Heinz foods, to secure substantial seed money to launch the scholarship program. Several other donors have followed suit to deepen the  pool with a significant donation of $20,000.00 from Cosmas Maduka of Coscharis Nigeria Limited.

A total of ten (10) new scholarships will be awarded this academic year.

All eligible students are encouraged to apply. Please click on the button below for the complete eligibility criteria. Then, complete and submit the web-based application form by clicking on the “Application” button. You may upload any document you feel the scholarship committee should consider. Preferred file formats are pdf, png and jpeg.

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